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1.Auger extensions for harvesters on CTF – when do I need to do it and how?

2.Chaser bins in a CTF system – preventing costly failures.

3.Front axle modifications. How do I safely get 3m axles on my tractor?

4.Inter-row sowing on CTF – how are other farmers doing it?

5.Managing deep and rough wheel-tracks in a CTF system.

6.Topography or elevation maps from your GPS autosteer system – what is the benefit and how do I get the data.

7..Running on farm trials using Precision Ag – what equipment do I need, and how should I layout the trial?

8.Halving your tractors� diesel use without modification – too good to be true?

9.Calibrating yield monitors – why it�s important?

10. Diffusers for no-till planters – a simple and effective way to stop seed bounce and improve performance.

11.How to identify soil compaction on your farm – what do I need to look for?

12.Assessing stubble cover to minimise soil erosion – why is it important?

13.Golden rules for yield mapping – the top 10 things you should know.

14.Good record keeping - why is it important for future farming?

15.Farm recording and mapping packages in Australia

16.7 steps to CTF – what do I need to do before I start the oxy?

17.6 Steps to no-till – what do I need to do before I start buying equipment?

18.Why are press-wheels and planting equipment so important in no-till, CTF systems

19.Discs vs. tines for no-till planters – what to look out for

20.System water use generator – the new way to calculate Water Use Efficiency

21.The future of CTF – whats next?

22. 6 Australian Precision Ag case studies