Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC)

We conducted a 5 year research project to examine the benefits of Precision Agriculture through the SIP09 initiative. Our project is one of the 5 originally funded under the program. The project is about understanding and managing farm and paddock variability, on 100 farms across Eastern Australia (Queensland, NSW, and Victoria). The key outcome of the project has been that "the greater the level of details, the greater the level of understanding; which in-turn means greater confidence in the ability to make decisions".  


Fitzroy Basin Association (FBA)

We have been involved in many projects with the FBA over the past 5 years. Work has centred around property planning, whole sub-catchment farming system change, mapping, satellite imagery and new technology. Work has been conducted with grain growers of the Central Highlands and Callide Valley regions, as well as work with horticultural growers (tree crops, pineapples, vegetables) around Yeppoon and Rockhampton. The area of most intense work has been in the Wowan/Dululu area of Central Queensland (about 1hr South of Rockhampton). CTF Solutions has helped with the first 'community' RTK GPS base station in the area, potentially covering 125,000ha.

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Condamine Alliance

Our project with Condamine Alliance aims to increase the adoption of sustainable farming systems on the Eastern and Central Downs of the Condamine Catchment of Queensland. A small group of key farmers were targeted to get their CTF 'right', which has now lead to over 50,000ha worked on. This involved an audit, mapping, planning, machinery changes, agronomy and layout advice.
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Sugar Research and Development Corporation (SRDC)

SRDC contracted CTF Solutions to provide specialist input into the future direction of research policies. Papers and  presentations were made at the stragetic planning activity in late 2006. CTF Solutions presented on new technology for the sugar farming system and future farming systems.

Tasmanian Department of Primary Industries (DPI)

CTF Soltutions was approached by the Tasmanian DPI to provide specialist advice about CTF potential in the Tasmanian vegetable industry. After visiting early 2007 it was clear that CTF provides many opportunities for vegetable growers. Work is continuing to help the industry to begin adoption. The project has successfully set up the first crop of CTF onions in Tasmania.

GRM International

CTF Solutions won a contract to complete a major project in Sudan, Africa. It involved collecting satellite imagery and high-definition topography on nearly 20,000ac. The information was used to plan and implement an irrigation system based on centre pivot and lateral move irrigators. More information in our Jan - Mar 2007 newsletter



The Co-operative Research Centre for Spatial Information (CRC-SI)

The supplimentary bid for the CRC-SI was successful, and CTF Solutions is now a research partner. More information about the CRC can be found at CRC-SI website.CTF Solutions is thrilled to be part of such a diverse and innovative group of Australian companies and research groups, and will allow us to develop new partnerships to deliver new technology outcomes for agriculture, espcially in the area of software and high accuracy GPS autosteer systems.

Brigalow-Jimbour Floodplains Group (BJFPG)

The BJFP stretches across the northern Darling Downs region of Queensland, and is blessed with deep black cracking clay soils. The group manages a wide range of activities across the area, and employs a project officer. BJFP has won many awards for its great work and committed farmers. CTF Solutions work with the group has been wide ranging from farm mechanisation workshops, CTF workshops, GPS guidance, through to topography mapping and planning for inter-property water coordination


Queensland Department of Primary Industries (QDPI)

CTF Solutions work with QDPI has related mainly to Precision Agriculture (PA), where we have trained staff in the use of GIS for agricultural applications. We have also had a long-standing partnership in researching PA tools for use by farmers.


Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation (RIRDC)

RIRDC  has contracted CTF Solutions, and project partner Spatial 3i, to complete and analysis of farm mappng software available in Australia. The project is undertaking a wide range of producer group interviews across Australia to determine the farm mapping software needs of primary industries including grains, cotton, horticulture, grazing and intensive livestock. Project consultants will also evaluate a range of available farm mapping software programs, and define a matrix to help producers decide on the best program for them. The report is available here (1MB file)

Burnett Mary Regional Group

Work with The Burnett Mary Regional Grou focusses on horticultural and sugarcane farmers in the region and focus on farm layout, efficiency, and integration of CTF.  For a media article click here


Lachlan CMA

CTF Solutions has just completed a number of CTF workshops throughout Central NSW for the Lachlan CMA. Response to the workshops was fantastic, with most full to the limit of 15 producers. More workshops have been conducted on CTF, machinery for converting to no-till, and Precision Agriculture.
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